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After earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design from San Francisco State University, Cindy Steele quickly became known for her expertise in kitchen and bath design, eventually becoming a project manager with a construction firm. A life-long interest in architecture led her to take classes in the field, allowing her to manage full construction projects for new and remodel projects throughout the Bay Area.  She founded Fleur de lis Designs in 2008.  


Cindy Steele has established a reputation for extraordinary home designs with a deep understanding of interior and exterior architectural values and how they accommodate and enhance the clients’ needs and dreams. 

For Fleur de Lis Designs principal and lead designer Cindy Steele, even the most cluttered and badly laid out room is a blank canvas. "I see possibilities where a homeowner sees nothing but a frustrating, inadequate space," says Cindy. “I visualize how the space will be lived in, who will be living there, how it will be furnished and how it will be used by the clients to create the concept of the home. I also think about the future of the home owners, if it is a long-term home to age in place for the clients”.  She believes that No experience is more important than the one our clients have living every day in the homes we design.

Today, Cindy Steele is recognized as one of the leading interior designers in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her portfolio of recent work speaks for itself. "I have been fortunate to work for some remarkable home owners, who had vision and weren't afraid to think outside the box they were living in," says Cindy. "A house isn't just a box…it is a statement about who we are and how we live.  Proper proportions and scale are essential to create a house a home"

Cindy is a an Allied Member of American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), a member of the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA), past president of the Interior Design Guild (IDG) and is certified in Green Build

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"I see possibilities where a homeowner sees nothing but a frustrating, inadequate space." 

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