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Updated: Jul 19, 2020

A professional designer can help you visualize the potential of your space and create cohesive looks to last a lifetime.

  • Creativity and Custom designs

  • Know what the home is going to look like before you pound the first nail

  • Tie the project together with a cohesive design between the interior and exterior of the home

  • Save time and possibly money

  • Maximizing space or space optimization and understand the function of the space. Space planning

  • Turnkey project take care of everything from concept to completion

WHY HIRE A DESIGNER This is the age of DIY. There are countless television shows, books, big box stores and websites all touting the freedom and cost-savings of Doing it Yourself. But, many times, DIY is simply DIW…Doing it Wrong. On TV, there is the luxury of second takes and post-production editing. You don't have that in real life.

Enter a professional interior designer. Behind all those "simple and easy" DIY television shows is a professional interior designer who makes all the tough decisions about materials, layout, and planning well before the smiling host starts tearing out kitchen cabinets and drywall. Those TV makeovers go so smoothly-under budget and without heart-rending construction errors-because the interior designer applied years of experience and talent to the job.

While not every home renovation requires the talents of an interior designer, some projects definitely do. Even seemingly simple renovation or building projects can hold an array of unpleasant surprises. Any well-meaning DIYer can wield a reciprocating saw like an extra on HGTV, but when an electric cable gets cut in half or a bearing wall is removed just before the second floor bathroom falls into the living room, it's a little too late. As Red Adair famously said, "If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur." "People ask how much an interior designer costs," laughs Cindy. "I tell them, about half as much as we save. "Indeed, an interior designer's experience and training translates into tremendous savings in both time and money. From initial consultation to CAD (computer aided drafting) renderings of possible design solutions to being on hand for the actual construction work, Cindy is not only your designer but also your advocate and quality assurance manager. "In the end," Cindy says, "I make sure the project goes like they do on TV: smooth, without errors and on time."

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