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A Full Service Design Firm 

We offer 4 design phases:

Concept & Architectural Drawings

Architecture Model Sketching

From planning schematics, architectural renderings to the permit process. Fleur de Lis Designs covers all of the necessary steps from start to finish.



Design Samples

Carefully selected quality materials and finishes such as tile, wood or other flooring, lighting and plumbing fixtures, mouldings, cabinetry and paint colors.



Traditional - Lilac - Family - 3 - After

Furniture procurement from our exclusive vendors as well as retail suppliers, rug selection, artwork accessories, linens, draperies and other window coverings.

Exterior Architectural Drawings & Landscape

Traditional - Lilac - Backyard - 4 - Aft

Visualize your outdoor space with design through planning drawings. Bring the space to life with outdoor furnishings & unique features.

Home Design

Home Desgn
House split Raw File-01.png
Architectural Plans.png
Architectural Plans.png
Architectural Plans.png
Architectural Plans.png
Architectural Plans.png

As-Built Drawings

This is where all construction begins. It is essential for the designer to know what already exists prior to starting any project. This determines what the starting point was and how to utilize the existing structure for the most cost-efficient project.


Preliminary Drawings

Multiple options will be developed based upon the client’s needs, wants, and wish list that are within the stated budget.


Finalize Drawings

A collaborative process between the client and Designer to make the most of the design.  3D rendering is used to help make visualization easier.


Structural Engineering

A third-party Structural Engineer will review the plans and design the required structural components.



An iterative process between the Designer and the city.  The end result will be a permit to do the construction.

Material Selection (Construction & Design)

Material Selection

Selecting materials for your project is an important step. Each choice we make can define a room or create the personality of a space.  Interior and exterior finishes are part of our design process. 

Furnishings & Final Touches

Furnishings and Final Touches

In our initial consultation we will uncover your style and vision together. I will seek to identify your intended result. 

The final touches that truly make a house, a home. We will bring to life your vision and style with furnishing and accessories. We can use your existing pieces or create an entirely new design.  

These final touches include: furniture, window treatments, draperies, accessories, linens and artwork.

Transitional - Branham - Family - 1 - Af
niblick transitional style-2-2.jpg

Outdoor Planning & Spaces

Outdoor Planning Landscaping

We can help make the outside of your home as beautiful and functional as the inside.  We provide the following services:

Every project is unique. If you have never hired a professional designer or consultant, here are some of the steps we take throughout your project:



In our initial consultation we will uncover your style and vision together. I will seek to identify your intended result. 

Color and Materials.png

Final Color & Style Selections

We will work with you to choose appropriate finishes and features to be used throughout your design. 

Measurements and Planning.png

Measurements & Planning

We will access each area and measure properly to ensure our plans are to scale and accurate.

Shopping and Arrangement.png


We will develop a list of items we will need to put the final touches on your design and bring to life the final spaces.  

Architectural Plans.png

Architectural Plans and Layout Configuration

We will develop architectural drawings and renderings for the overall concept and individual spaces.

Finishing Touches and Photography.png

Final Design and Photography

We will photograph your new space so that other can be inspired by your vision.

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